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Weekly Lessons

Magickal uses for Agrimony

What is Agrimony good for anyways? Other Names for this herb include the following:  Cockleburr, Cocklebur, Church Steeples, Stickwort, Sticklewort, Philanthropos, Ackerkraut, Agrimonia, Funffing, Herbe de Saint-Guillaume, Liverwort, Acrimony, Harvest lice, Aigremoine, Odermennig, Agrimonia, Herba agrimoniae, Agrimoniae herba, Burr Marigold, Garclive, Fairy’s Wand   Magical Attributes Is masculine in nature and according to Nicholas Culpeper […]

Weekly Lessons

The Necessity of Natural Living

What is natural living to you? So many times, I look around and I see someone wanting to do better, and something more natural with their lives, but they either don’t know how to start, or maybe they feel trapped in this mad rush of a live we now live in. Too much is focused […]

Weekly Lessons

The Importance of Standing Up For What You Believe In

How important is what you believe? As we were sitting here talking about the company and how far it has come, it occurred to me how important it is to speak up for what you think, and what is important to you as an individual. Too many times in this day and age are people […]

Weekly Lessons

Self Care is Important!

Never forget to do self care for yourself, and once you’re ok, then help others! As we grieve for the loss of our furry family member, we are reminded just how important that self care is to the healing process. Almost a week ago, our dog’s health declined to the point of having to make […]

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