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Self Care is Important!

Never forget to do self care for yourself, and once you’re ok, then help others!

As we grieve for the loss of our furry family member, we are reminded just how important that self care is to the healing process. Almost a week ago, our dog’s health declined to the point of having to make some very hard choices. Though we are very much an advocate for living, and feel that life is something that should be celebrated, we also realize that sometimes that quality of life declines to the point where the bad days far out number the good, and misery overcomes joy. It was through the contemplation over several weeks that the decision was finally reached to assist her with the inevitable, and make the transition a smooth one. Though we are grateful to see her out of pain, it is difficult to adjust and that is where this process comes in.

Self care is like a good idea
Like a light bulb, we are fragile beings with a need to care for others. In order to do the most good, we need to make sure we preserve ourselves first.

Some of you may be wondering what self care is. It is simply the process of taking care of yourself during times of stress, sorrow, and loss. It is way too easy to lose sight of ourselves when the world seems to be coming down around us, or when others seem to need help more. This is part of the reason why self care is so important to the grieving process, and also in the process of helping others. Although we are not doctors, it doesn’t take one to realize that if we don’t take care of ourselves, eventually it will take its toll on our mind and body.